Monday, February 24, 2014

All Things New

The snow continues to fall.

I watch Techno and the boys shovel - again - so we can make our way to town.

My heart is still heavy.  My eyes are swollen.

My mind continues to travel to the surreal event of the recent loss our family has experienced.

It's so close to home.  It's so real.  Yet, I wish it weren't.

I hurt for Laura.  It's easy to put myself in her shoes.  To dare to imagine how she is feeling.  How I would feel in her situation.

I want to use this event as a catapult for my own life. My own interactions with my family.

Time is too short to worry about the little infractions that cause irritation, that raise my temper levels.

Life's short span should not be lost on aggravations over crumbs on the floor; on kids' toys strewn about; on dishes left in the sink.

The snow outside is serene.  It blankets all the imperfections of the landscape.  All the rocks, bumps, divots.  At this time, they appear gone.  No longer present in our yard.

It reminds me of how Jesus has covered all my flaws.  He's forgiven me for all the wrongs, the mess-ups, the outbursts.  He's made me new.


Just as the blanket of snow makes this winter wonderland scene seem so new.  As the snow melts, the water it produces will help make things truly new.  New life.  New buds.  New grass.


This tragedy makes no sense to me.  This loss of a loved ones life.  The grief for those left behind baffles me at best.

Yet.... I know.... God will make all things new.

He will use this event; this heartbreaking, mind-numbing loss of life to grow. something. new!

In us.  In Laura and her children.  In all those who have ever known and loved Jim in one way or another.  Even in those who simply cross our paths.

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