Friday, February 7, 2014

New Furniture and Rug

It's here!  IT'S HERE!!  IT'S HERE!!!

Several weeks late, but our new sofa, chair, and ottoman FINALLY arrived at our home.

It was quite the adventure.

The delivery truck called around 10 am to state they were leaving the warehouse in Cheyenne and would arrive in about an hour.

Looking out the window, I made my own adjustments.  Realizing the weather would most likely deter their arrival time if not prevent them from arriving all together.

After lunch, the phone rang.

The delivery truck was on the main thoroughfare of our subdivision, but they had already gotten 'stuck' on the unplowed road and had no idea where to go. Could I drive out to meet them and 'lead them in?'  (Comical as I could see their headlights from our front window, but.... if you don't know the area, it's not clear where our road turns off from the 'main' road.)

Donning my coat, boots, ear muffs, and gloves, I grabbed the keys and trotted out.

After a 15 point turn in the middle of our snow covered dirt road, I managed to lead them back to our house.

The furniture is big.  Our doorways are not.

After much maneuvering of items in our house; removing the cushions and legs off our furniture; they finally managed to get the monstrous pieces into our space.

I pointed out where I wanted them placed.

There and there.


Once they left, however..... I really disliked the look of our room with the sofa and chairs in the spaces we had previously mapped out.

So..... Jacob and I moved them!



Three times......

Four times........

Finally the fifth configuration won the vote!  Thanks to Bethany's insight on what she thought would look the best.  

The ONE way I really didn't think would work.

Here's the final resting place of our new furniture including our new cowhide area rug.
The couch, the cowhide rug, my old leather recliner, and the oversized chair and ottoman!

A different view -- the entertainment center is going to be replaced with hanging wall shelves.
The hope chest will go under said shelving.
The nice big couch!
All the kids can fit on it.
They are thrilled to NOT have to sit on the floor anymore.
My big oversized chair.
All three girls and I can fit here.

We're excited to simply have furniture again.

We whisked our old furniture away several weeks ago!  Maybe a bit prematurely.  But.... we wanted to be prepared.

The floor has been the kids 'couch' since then. (I think they may be even more excited than I am.)

Next up:  hanging our 'entertainment shelves' and eventually getting new curtains that don't look like they are straight out of some by gone era.  ;-)

Upon seeing our new furniture, what recommendations do you have for decorating our walls to give it a rustic/cabin feel?  I'd love to hear your ideas.

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