Friday, February 14, 2014

Wyoming Wind

Driving to Fort Collins for Doug's doctor appointment, we were vividly reminded of the phenomenon that is.............  'Wyoming Wind'!

We were also acutely aware of the looming winter storm that seems to be lingering 'just over our mountain'.

You see, as we drove away from our little section of the world, the snow began to cease. The wind died down - to some degree.

As we passed the state line, entering into Colorado, it was as if the wind stopped completely.  No more drifting snow on the roads, no more swirls of white wisps across the pavement.

Here, the snow is on the ground NEXT to the road.  Not being blown ON to the road.  Astonishing.

While in Colorado, the temperatures were mild, the wind virtually non-existent.

As we drove home, we experienced similar happenings as we did on our way to the doctor's office.

Only this time -- in reverse.

We passed the Wyoming border - wham!  The wind started blowing.  Immediately snow patches covered the road here and there.

Driving through Laramie things were pretty good.  Fairly dry.

Heading toward Centennial all seemed decent until we hit a certain spot.  It was as if the snowstorm cloud hovering over our little mountain simply engulfed us.

Slick snow and ice covered the roadway; visibility dropped to zero; the winds pushed against our truck; Welcome Home!

This phenomenon has become a regular thing for us.  It seems our little corner of the world, our mountain, is perpetually stuck in this wonderful snow storm.

Overall, we don't mind.

Our community needs the water this snow will provide as it melts; the ski area is certain to be seeing some wonderful revenue from such great 'powder'; our beloved little town is getting great business as well from all the snowmobilers that are coming to enjoy this epic snow.

In the meantime, we'll just keep shoveling our lovely drift out of our driveway.  It builds character, you know.

Yes, another topic for another blog post.

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