Monday, February 18, 2013

Animals and affection

When I was a kid I LOVED animals.  I wanted our cats and dogs and hamsters and birds and bunnies, and..... to let me hold them, pet them, love on them -- at my whim.

Unfortunately, most of them did NOT like my whims.

As I aged, I still liked animals, A LOT. I still wanted them to WANT to sit in my lap and be pet. But... I had "matured".  I didn't chase them near as much as I did as a youngster - although, I'm pretty sure I still grabbed a cat a time or two and plopped it in my lap -- forcing it to accept my affections.

Then..... I had children.  Pets were, well, pets. I liked them ok, but... could care less if I pet them much.

I'd pat their heads or give their bellies a quick rub if they were nearby, but I didn't have that need to "nurture" them any longer.  My motherly instincts were being met by 6 less furry critters.

Silas - curled up, happily napping - as he often does in my lap
Why oh why, then, do our current pets seem to WANT me to give them all sorts of affection?  As soon as I sit on our bed, the cat makes his way onto my lap and curls up all content like. The dog -  he may be 85 pounds, but for some reason he thinks he's a lap dog and sprawls out on the couch in MY lap.

Apollos "roaching" on the couch -
   a new found pleasure he didn't have before moving to the mountains
Too bad we don't realize when we are young - just leave the animals alone and they'll flock to you for all the love you can muster.  No, it doesn't happen till our touch quotients are brimming.             Finally these furry bundles seem to NEED us to give them the attention we now bestow on our human babies and companions.

Funny how life works.  It IS nice to have them seek out my affection --once in a while.  They are cute; not to mention soft and furry; plus, they never talk back or get sassy or roll their eyes at me.

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