Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sighing or Singing

As I read a blog this morning - Club 31 Woman - on embracing motherhood, first I found myself applauding what she said, nodding my head in agreement.  Loving the fact she was lifting up motherhood and it's calling.  Feeling content that I do, in fact, try to salute this proud profession of stay-at-home mom.  Then.... I read further.

Not saying I disagreed w/what she said, but it did prick my heart. Brought to my attention some of my own downfalls.

The biggest one was "sighs".  Seems minor, inconsequential, but... oh how they hurt our witness to our children; discourage our own mission of drawing close to this task of "raising up children in the way they should go".

Quickly, my own sighs came to mind.  I've been doing that a lot. More laundry, sigh. The closet collapsed, sigh.  The microwave needs cleaned - again, sigh. The toys are all over the floor, sigh, sigh, sigh.

What am I conveying to my precious bundles of joy? That their existence, the jobs I must perform BECAUSE I am a mom, the day to day living of life is draining and un-joyful?  Is that what I want them to learn, to think, to feel?  Is that how God reacts to me?  NO!

I want them to feel loved and cherished.  As God loves and cherishes me. He gave His son for ME, for THEM.  If I portray a lack of joy in this wonderful gift God has given to me; in this imperative task of teaching and admonishing HIS little children, I have failed.

The writer of this blog mentioned, instead, humming or singing a tune as you go through the day.  Today - I'm doing that.

Amazing!  Not only is MY mood improved, but the kids are happier - there's been little to no squabbles.

Selah - full of life - is attached to my side, complimenting my singing and dancing along to my tunes.

One of my bundles - I must learn to be THIS joyful
My own attitude is much improved.  Cleaning the splattered butter all over the microwave -- again -- wasn't a "chore", it was simply a necessary part of my day that I enjoyed b/c my heart was focused on  right things.

Today, as an experiment, I will continue singing songs as I go through my daily tasks.  As I cook, I'll sing; as I hang laundry, I'll sing; as I wipe the counters and sweep the floors, I'll sing. What a blessing - songs of praise to encourage my children rather than sighs of discontent to discourage them.

Tomorrow - I'll try to do it all over again.


  1. Thanks, Diane. I appreciate your input, suggestions, and words of encouragement. You've helped me a lot.


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