Monday, February 11, 2013

Your singing scared my dog away

Today, Jacob confessed to the fact he likes to sing hymns as he walks the dog in the evenings.  Darkness abounds in the Wyoming mountain nights, seeing any distance in front of you is futile.

Lost in his singing, along with the lack of vision in the night, he is startled by a neighbor also walking his dog.

Embarrassed to have been "caught" robustly belting out his tunes, he smiles and says"hello sir".  To which the neighbor politely says hi and that he too was walking his dog, but has lost him.  Jacob, concerned, replies, "I'm sorry, I hope you find him."  Flatly the gentleman states, "Oh, I'm sure he'll return once your gone." Due to his good naturedness, Jacob says goodbye and continues walking home - no longer sharing his musical talents with the world.  Once home, he confides in me, "Apparently the neighbor and his dog didn't appreciate my singing." Smiling ear to ear with a hint of pink to his cheeks.

Not sure his singing really scared the dog off, but I'm glad he's confident enough to sing his heart out and comfortable enough sharing his embarrassment with me when he returned home.  He won't scare me away with his singing.

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