Monday, February 25, 2013

Flat Allison

A school assignment for a friend's daughter, became an adventure for us.

The project required mailing something to a friend or family member that lived far away.  Our family came to mind since we recently moved across country.

Pretty cool they thought of us.

Arriving in the mail, a form letter form the little girl's teacher.  The class, studying geography, wanted to learn about various areas. So... in the spirit of "Flat Stanley", they all made paper dolls resembling themselves and sent them out.

"Flat Allison" arrived at our house.

Just a typical split rail fence.
As common as chain link fences in Cincinnati
Our task - should we choose to accept it - was to take her around and send something back that exemplifies the area in which we live.

UUGH was my first response. We have HOMEWORK. But... not wanting to disappoint or cause our friend's daughter to receive a bad grade, we started taking this little paper doll on our walks and trips.

It became fun. I found I wanted to take pictures of this little doll EVERYWHERE!!  After all, I love the mountains where we live and they truly are the epitome of the "west" feel we have been so drawn to.

Not to mention, we live in Centennial, a town of 270 people -- a high estimate, given the fact most of the houses here are "summer vacation spots".  What a unique opportunity to share a bit about our simple, quaint, town we are now calling home.

The sign signifying when you enter Centennial with it's current population.
In the background, down the little valley, you can see the "town"

What started out as an "obligation" for a friend, became a neat way to see and share our new surroundings.

Suburbs here look nothing like suburbs in Cincinnati.

Our post office looks a bit like something from an old western movie.
The small post office w/limited hours
- not to mention NO door to door delivery

 We have a "Mercantile" store, the "Old Corral" hotel and restaurant, as well as "The Trading Post" saloon and restaurant.  Yep, I said saloon.

The Mercantile
selling gifts, local made wares, and some necessities

The Old Corral Hotel
I just love that it looks like the old west
Did I also mention we have ONE small corner store/cafe that houses the only 2 gas pumps in town?

I told you it was a "Saloon" 
It really does look a bit like we took a step back in time.

My hope is the class enjoys seeing a very different way of life - a simple, mountainous region with a whole lot of open land.......

 "where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day."
Yes, these are REAL buffalo on a nearby ranch

Just some of the beautiful mountain views in our neighborhood

I'd venture to say that "Flat Allison" had a good time viewing life from a simpler perspective.  Where there is no hussle and bussle, no traffic jams, no convenience stores, and no fast food restaurants.  Just clean, open, beauty where hard work, friendly people, and lots of God's creatures call home.


  1. If you want to send a Flat Irwin our way, we'll try to find even more things about our new home to share.

  2. I did this 4 year ago for a out of state niece, then this year for an out of state friend of the family. It was as much fun for Abi and I as it was for the recipients. :)


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