Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shhhh, Mommy's sleeping

Having not slept well the night prior and planning to watch a movie later with my hubby, I decided to take a nap.  I would need to start cooking DURING the girls' nap, so if I had any hopes of a little shut eye, it had to be while they were still awake.

I knew the likelihood of really sleeping would be slim.  Hoping for the best, I corralled the littles and told them, "Mommy is going to take a short nap. Sissy will get you ready for bed at 2:00.  Until then, play in here." I said, pointing to the living room.  "IF you go to your room or toy room, please be quiet as you go down the hall!  OK?"  Nods all around.

If you recall - the ONLY path from the living room, kitchen, and schoolroom to the bedrooms and toy room is one hallway - the first room off this hallway is our master bedroom.  The location in which I'd be snoozing.
The three little munchkins

Optimistically, I crawled into our bed and turned on the electric blanket.  I rolled over, put a small pillow over my head to keep out some of the noises, and dozed off.

It wasn't too long that I did in fact hear the littles' giggles and laughs.  Sounding like they were still in the living room, I managed to slumber on.

A short time later, the sound of a cute little herd of elephants mingled with the chatter of a barrel of monkeys grew in intensity.  I opened my eyes, trying to decide if I should "remind" them of my request or just let it go.  The clattering got louder and louder till suddenly there was a "shhhh... mommy's sleeping".  The decibel level of their collective chatter immediately dropped and all I could hear was "whisper, whisper, whisper."

UNTIL...... they got PAST our door and further down the hallway to the toy room and bedroom doors - which is a total of say..... 4 steps away- at which time the loudness meter rose greatly.

As you can tell they are ALWAYS quiet as a mouse.  NOT!

Having to concede that they were in fact following the rules I had set forth, I smiled - kinda, pulled the pillow tighter over my head, and attempted to find my way back to dreamland.

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  1. Oh, the sleep that eludes us Mommas! :-) gotta cherish those giggles though! I know you do!


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