Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fun things from last week

Bethany and Elijah were walking the dog and another puppy "joined" them. He basically walked the whole way home with them - jumping and pouncing on Apollos most of the way. 

No - Apollos was not a big fan. He's an "old" dog and this little puppy was getting on his last nerve. 

Puppy wanted in SO bad. 

Taking Apollos' leash, the kids walked him back to try to find his owners. The family was grateful to have him returned. 

From this little adventure, we learned that this family has children that want to meet our kids. They had planned to stop by this past week, but ... "life happens". They said they will try to come this week with the disclaimer, "but life here is a bit slower". LOL! 

Then - just a few minutes ago - messenger Selah comes running up to Jacob and says, "Charity and Trinity are SO sleepy, they can't do school." To which he said, "They're faking, they have to do school." 

She runs off, briefly, then returns to say, "But they are asleep and wont' wake up!"  "Go tickle them", he instructs.  She disappears and laughter ensues from the other end of the house. 

Loving life in our little simple abode with our simple pleasures of being silly.

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