Sunday, February 10, 2013

Confession time - my addiction

Since arriving in our mountain home, I've developed an addiction - well, it started before our move, but the move compounded it.  At first it was minor - took little of my time and energy, but as time progressed it's gotten bigger/worse.

There are days this addiction will eat up half my morning while I procrastinate hanging the clean clothes.  Other times it fills my evenings as I wait for Doug to tuck in the kiddos.  Once in awhile, I find myself walking away from this entrapment, only to return once I've finished the task that called me away.

I justify my actions, I make excuses for the time lost.

What is this horrible addiction that has filled too many of my waking hours?  I'm certain that many others out there have this same addiction - particularly women - the internet opened it to our lives.  It's useful, sure, but to what end?

Yes, I'm confessing my addiction to.... Pinerest!

It sucks my time, it gives and steals my joy, it fills my head - why?

In search of new storage ideas -- a good thing, but when I can't get to the store to buy those nifty tools or have the skills to build those neat built-ins - my mood sinks.... or rises when I have success - like this >.

Recipes - many wonderful recipes - yet, making them all not only raises the cost of our grocery bill - I'm quite certain it's also going to raise the number on the scale!

 Decorating ideas - a plenty. But.... it's snowing outside and cold - I can't hardly go tear apart pallets and turn them into a sofa in THIS!

So, the longing grows - the addiction grows.  I look for MORE ideas, MORE recipes, MORE storage tips.  What to do?  I. must. break. this. addiction.

Problem solved - I started a blog.  Now, I have a NEW addiction.  Hmmmmm... not quite the answer I should be looking for.

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