Sunday, March 24, 2013

16 Tidbits from my Day Out with Our 16 Year Old

The Olympiad Chemistry Exam took Jacob and I to Cheyenne, Wyoming for an overnight stay and a day trip of shopping.

It was a fun filled and educational trip.  Here's what I learned spending the day with our boy.

Smiling as usual.  

  • He's witty and clever yet deep and introspective - not sure I necessarily learned this as much as was reminded of it.
  • Driving on unfamiliar mountain roads at night in the wind is a bit nerve wracking.
  • Sharing tortilla chips and watching Lord of the Rings before bed is actually relaxing.
  • Listening to your child squirm in bed trying to get comfortable will keep you awake -a long time.
  • Hotel breakfasts are best when eaten leisurely while chatting over news items with your oldest child.  
  • One must be careful not to be SOOO leisurely that you are almost late for said child's chemistry exam.
  • Burger King's coffee is not less than tasty compared to McDonald's and home.
  • Jacob is frugal with his money and enjoys tempering mom's spending - this is cute.... when it's not annoying.
  • Thrift store shopping with a teenager is fun.  It's neat to see him light up over a new-to-him suit.
  • Target it Target no matter the city.
  • Big Lots still rocks.  
  • It's wise to pay attention to the looming headache - taking ibuprofen and eating - to avoid turning an otherwise pleasant day trip into a grumpy mommy moment.
  • Eating Cold Stone Creamery for lunch may not be 'heart healthy', but it is good for the heart when on a date with your son.
  • Long car trips yield good conversations with your children.  There's no escape.
  • Listening to him tell of how much he enjoys Wyoming, likes our 'slower pace', and his honesty in sharing was medicine to a mama's heart.
  • My 'dates' with Jacob are precious - especially in light of the fact he'll be heading off to college in just a short year and a half.  The clock's tickin'.  You better bet I'm going to relish these special times whenever I can muster them. 
Here's praying he did well enough to take the National Exam in April and we can 'do it all again'!

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