Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not so granola mom

Anyone who knows me well, would NOT describe me as an especially 'earthy/granola' mom.

I'm not into 'organic' foods.  I'm not necessarily what the masses would call 'green'.  I didn't nurse my children past 1 years old.  I don't avoid chemicals when I clean.  I ingest Splenda and caffein on a daily basis.  I allow my children to eat candy and pop-tarts.  I even use regular old store bought sunscreen as well as bug spray that contains Deet.  GASP!

I have nothing against those that do or avoid all of the above.  Kuddos to them for being hyper-diligent for a cause they hold dear.  I too have strong convictions and understand their desire to share their stance.

I DO try to feed my family healthy meals.  I keep our home tidy and clean (albeit sometimes with store bought chemicals).  I do my part to recycle and not harm this wonderful world God gave us.  I'm even hoping to venture into the world of 'homesteading' in the near future.  I also try to be informed - on both sides - of the many controversial facts that erupt concerning these issues I mentioned above.

However, many years ago, I heard a quote that greatly impacted my thought process.

This woman said, "If only people worried more about their children's spiritual well being as they do their physical well being. What a wonderful world we'd live in."

That quote changed my thinking forever.

When I first heard it, we had one child and I was.... well..... quite the over protective mommy.  I followed our eldest around with pillows when he first began sitting up and crawling. I  didn't want him to bump his head when he fell over, after all.  We followed all the recommended guidelines for solid food introduction.  My steely stare caused many a spoon to be taken from in front of his tiny mouth when unsuspecting relatives tried to offer him tastes of their unapproved morsels.

As he grew, my anxiety over the what if's, what could's began to mount.

After hearing this quote, my perspective changed.  Yes, I still try to do all I can to protect our children physically, but more important to me is protecting them spiritually.

Raising them to know God, His Word. Knowing the saving Grace of Jesus Christ in their lives. That is my primary objective.

Hence, I may not feed my children 'organic' carrots, but I do feed them daily from God's Word.

Even a little sand won't 'hurt'
As my chemist father-in-law has pointed out:  "Our world is made up of chemicals. Studies show there are far more 'naturally' occurring causes of diseases than those brought on by the use of 'chemicals' found in cleaning supplies and pesticides."   We do live in a fallen world. Not to mention, "All plants are 'organic'."  Just a little chemist humor there.

Choosing this stance may not make me popular; some  may even consider me seem less attentive; or it may just help others view things from a new perspective as well.

I too have my children's best interest at heart. I just approach it from a slightly different angle.

My focus isn't on what goes into their BODIES as much as it is what makes its way into their HEARTS.

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