Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rocket Launch Away

Science - a favorite in our house -- ESPECIALLY when it's time to do experiments.

Building a rocket was tremendously exciting. Elijah made a list of all the materials necessary.  He even attempted to find "alternatives" when we weren't sure we'd be able to acquire a 35 mm film canister.  Who has film canisters anymore - the world's gone digital.

Fortunately, Aunt Biff had the goods.

The project could move forward..... with gusto... I might add.

Bethany and Elijah worked together since only ONE canister had a lid that fit down inside the cylinder.

They cut, they taped, the folded, they molded. Finally, their rocket was complete. Well, as far as Elijah was concerned.  Bethany had other ideas - it needed to be decorated.  With that, she took to coloring - in elaborate detail - a wonderful rainbow of hues.

As mom, I must say, it's the most beautiful 'rocket' I've ever laid eyes upon.
The ever so colorful "rocket"

Ready to launch, mom had to deter them.  I had to document this flight and I was heading into Fort Collins for Jacob's oral surgery consultation.

Next day -- they were ready, yet again, to launch.  With girls napping, daddy working, and mommy preparing dinner, I thwarted their plans once more.   Promising, however, that Sat would be the day.  Launch day.

Saturday arrived.

Elijah, as soon as everyone was awake, grabbed the rocket. Eyes filled with anticipation he asked if we could head out to launch.

This time, it was daddy who dropped the bad news.  It was too windy to launch. The rocket, if it even made it off the ground, would end up in another county due to the high winds.

Waiting!  Again.

Sunday is out.  We have church all day and the wind gusts are supposed to be even stronger.

Here's praying Monday is calm and we have no other interferences that cause our launch to be scrubbed.

Wind.  Wind.  WIND!  Monday and Tuesday we had wind.

Finally, on Wednesday, the wind subsided.  Will it be launch day?  Stay tuned to see if the rocket launch is finally a go; if it succeeds; how far it flies.

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