Thursday, March 7, 2013

Launch Day

The wind had calmed.  We were all home.

Could today be THE day?

Launch Day?


Yes, today would be Launch Day!!!

After days of waiting, excitement filled the air.

Bethany and Elijah grasped their rocket as well as the alka seltzer tablet and ran outside, shoving feet in boots, arms in jackets along the way.

Siblings and parents trailed behind.

Before I even arrived on the scene with camera in hand, they had the launchpad  set up and daddy was taking group pictures with his phone.

Group photo before launching - everyone looking into the sun - nice.  (Yes, they are in their PJ's - don't judge)
Being well prepared, they had filled 1/3rd of the film canister with water.  As we all stood a safe distance away, the two scientists in training took the lid off the canister; added 1/2 tablet of alka seltzer; replaced the lid; righted the rocket; placed it on the launchpad; and moved themselves out of the launch zone to watch lift off.

10, 9, 8, 7.... would it work?  6, 5, 4.... would the gases produced by mixing the tablet with water be enough? 3, 2, 1!

Waiting w/baited breath...
Blast off!
I wasn't fast enough to get the rocket soaring, but I did snap this shot of the
lid and tablet that were left behind.

Science experiment success!  The rocket soared.  I'm sure it flew a whole...... 2 feet off the ground. :-)

Everyone cheered!

Much to our surprise, the rocket itself was unharmed by the flight.  I see many more rocket launches in our future.

Just one of the multitude of reasons we enjoy homeschooling!  A family event rolled into learning - life as we know it.


  1. YAY! For RocektAlphaWilliams (or whatever you are calling it :) ) Great job Bethany and Elijah! Great scientists, I am sure, you will make!

  2. Great name! They had a lot of fun. Then they started dropping eggs with and without parachutes. Gotta love it.


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