Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eggs Away

Graciously, the Centennial Valley Community School invited our family to participate in their Easter egg hunt and egg drop experiment.  The school is K-6th grade so it was mostly for our younger set.

However, our older kids REALLY wanted to take part in the egg drop competition.  Bethany and Elijah had recently done a similar project in our homeschool lessons.  Elijah took initiative and called to find out the 'specifications' for the event - seeing as how he is technically 6th grade age.

Excitedly they began putting their plans into action.  It took 3 eggs to find a model that kept their egg from cracking as it hit the ground.  The only 'rules' they were given was their package had to be 18 in or less and they had to use a raw egg.

Their Final Model
A quart size bag filled w/ packing peanuts placed inside a tupperware container - also filled w/peanuts; 
a bag closed around the top with rubber bands; another box to hold the tupperware
container - also filled with packing peanuts; all taped shut.

Testing their various contraptions, they stood at the top of a ladder and threw their packaged egg into the air; watching it slam to the ground.  Their first attempt resulted in a cracked egg.   Their second egg didn't even make it to the package - it was accidentally dropped as they gathered their materials.  Finally, their third egg endured the fall.

Getting ready to launch Elijah's egg
Next.... the actual competition at the school.  The eggs were dropped from the roof of the building to see which ones persevered.

Eggs away!
Standing in line, we watched egg package after egg package being dropped from the top of the small school building.  Finally Bethany and Elijah's egg was lifted to the top of the building.   3....2.....1.... bombs away..... smack.  To the ground it fell.  Moments later......... after unwrapping the package............their egg........... S-U-R-V-I-V-E-D!!!  Go team Williams.  A total of 12 eggs 'lived' through the fall.  Approximately 23 students took part in the egg drop experiment.  We represented homeschooling well.

The egg - in it's entirety - after the drop
The kindness of the students was paramount. Trinity and Charity found only ONE egg between them during the egg hunt.  Ninety percent of the students came and shared at least one egg with both our girls.  Wow! What wonderful hospitality.
Getting directions for the egg race
And their off - Charity didn't make it too far,
but had a fun time

Big kids had to do their second lap w/the egg in their mouth
Trinity made 2 full laps and never broke her egg
Egg in mouth was a bit more difficult

The egg toss resulted in Bethany and Elijah being one of the farthest apart to toss and catch their egg without it dropping and breaking.  Trinity, Bethany, and Elijah all made two whole laps around the playground without dropping their egg during the egg race. 

Charity made it until she hit the rocky hill; being a bit unbalanced, her egg plummeted to the ground.

All in all, it was a fun-filled morning.  Meeting new friends and taking part in cleaver activities was a nice change to our typical routine.

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