Sunday, March 31, 2013

You Made My Day

As a Christian, I've learned that having moral values that line up with Scripture - viewing things as having an absolute right or wrong - often results in others considering you to be hateful.  The ironic twist to this is my personal strong convictions are because I'm trying to love others as Jesus loves me.  I want NO ONE to perish.  Just as Jesus didn't want me to stay lost.

I tend to keep my views to myself (mostly) unless someone asks or I'm in a situation that would result in me compromising my beliefs by remaining silent.  I've learned, although it's taken time - to keep my opinions to myself - unless asked for advice or my stance on a particular issue.

With that in mind, as I signed into the dentist office and awaited my appointment, I overheard the receptionist sharing with one of the young hygienist some Scriptural truths about which the young woman had asked.  I didn't want to eaves drop, but in such a small space it's very hard NOT to overhear conversations.  They were speaking in low, hushed tones, but with no competing noise, I could hear most everything they said to one another.

I was impressed with the receptionists gentle words but also with her courage and zeal for speaking the truth.

They finished their brief, but deep conversation mere minutes before I was called back.  As I walked to the dental chair I pondered saying something to the receptionist to applaud her for her bravery in being so bold.

My procedure complete, mouth numb, I stood in front of her desk as she greeted me, telling me my total for services rendered.  Handing her my credit card, I softly uttered, "I just wanted to tell you I was impressed with your conversation earlier."

A bit bug-eyed, she stopped short as she prepared to run my card, hand in mid-air. Finally she gave a nervous chuckle, a sigh of relief, and said, "Thank you. Thank you so much. You just made my day."  We continued to have a short conversation regarding sharing our faith; answering hard questions; and I commended her for being courageous.  Again she thanked me for 'making her day'.

I left knowing God had worked in both our lives that day.

I gave her encouragement to keep sharing, keep standing on the truth, and to continue talking with this young woman about 'tough worldly stuff'.  I also gained a little more courage myself to share my faith; to speak up and give kuddos to someone else for sharing their faith.

Upon arriving home, my son told me the dentist office called and wanted me to call them back.  Assuming it was to see how my still-numb mouth and new filling was doing, I called right after lunch.  The receptionist - as expected - answered the phone. When she heard who was calling, she sighed a deep breath and exclaimed, "Thank you again.  You have no idea how much you encouraged me today."

Wow - who knew eaves dropping and telling someone you were impressed with their conversation would have had such a profound impact.

With all the political 'unrest' in our nation today, it's difficult to know when to share one's faith and when to stay in the shadows. If you speak, you will likely offend men. If you stay silent you will most definitely offend the Lord Jesus.

The amazing thing to me is: my reason in sharing -- the receptionist's reason for being in dialogue with her co-worder -- is so all can be saved.  It's because we care.  But... those against Christianity assume it's out of hatred.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It's LOVE that brought Jesus to earth;  it's LOVE that put Him on the cross;  it's LOVE for which He rose from the dead;  it's LOVE as to why HE took our sins upon himself.  Therefore, it's LOVE that spurs me to have convictions, stand up for truth, for right, for Scripture.  That's why I'm obligated to share my faith and the truth of Jesus with others.

He Is Risen - hence my hope springs eternal

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