Monday, April 1, 2013

Busy is as busy does

The past couple of weeks have been busy!   At least in respect to what our schedule has looked like since we've moved to the 'simpler life' in the mountains.

Doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, chemistry exams out of town, shopping, more doctor's appointments, lunch with a friend, more dentist appointments, a date, yet more doctor's appointments, and even a fun-filled morning of Easter egg activities have filled our days recently.

All necessary events. All pleasant - well mostly - activities.

The pace nothing compared to families with multiple kids in multiple sporting activities running nightly to and fro, barely having time to eat meals and kiss their loved ones hello and goodbye.

However, I noticed in myself added stress.  A higher level of grumpiness.

I'm amazed at how just the little bit of added 'outside' activities changed the dynamics of our 'happy little family'.

Now, don't get me wrong, we go to church every Sun and Wed. We spend Sun lunch with friends or Aunt Biff.  We go to the grocery store; out to eat occasionally; and the kids play at friends' houses.  We are not hermits or recluses.

We do, however, enjoy the less frenzied pace of our new lifestyle.

I enjoyed getting out a bit this week, but found I longed to be home. Cozy inside our little abode. Doing chores; crafts with the kids; cooking our meals; spending time doing family fun activities; having time to stay on top of the day to day tasks that so easily mount up.

Another confirmation that this 'laid back' pace of life is right.... for us..... right now.
The peaceful beauty that is our new mountain surroundings.

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