Monday, April 29, 2013

Visiting, visiting, visiting

We made plans to see lots of people on our trip to Ohio.

People are really all we miss, so it made sense we'd spend most of our time visiting family and friends while in town.

Although it's been extremely enjoyable to see and chat with everyone - it's also been exhausting.

One day was jam packed.  Coffee with a friend in the morning, a park lunch play date in the afternoon, immediately followed by making and eating dinner with Granddad, only to quickly scamper off to Pump-it-Up for a fun-filled-birthday-celebration for a friend of the littles from church.  (More days like this are planned and have happened since.)

Phew - just typing it all wears me out again.

This day was open.  Nothing major planned till dinner.

I made a quick trip to the store for cereal and a shower caddy as well as gas for the mower.  Then back to granddad's house where we'd stay for the remainder of the day.

I sat on the couch and became more and more tired.  Everyone was content - reading, watching a movie, having a snacky lunch.  I decided to lay down and 'rest' for a bit.

REST?  I took a full blown, multi-hour nap.

I finally re-emerged to discover the big kids had put the littles down for a nap and had cleaned up from lunch.

WOW!  Did I ever mention what great children I have?  Well -- they.. are.. awesome!

That nap helped tons too.

Although fun - all this running, chatting, meeting up with people, juggling schedules, living in someone else's house apparently wore me out.  Physically and emotionally.

The kids are dragging too.  Colds are brewing; circles under eyes are developing; 'grouchies' are budding.

I'm looking forward to seeing yet more beloved family and friends, but I'm also counting the days to return home to our mountain abode.  To simpler times.  A less frenzied pace.  Our new norm.

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  1. Sounds like you may need a vacation from your vacation! Glad we got to see you though!


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