Monday, April 22, 2013

The Long Trip to Ohio

Predictions of yet more snowfall resulted in us staying at Aunt Biff's house Friday night in preparations of leaving for Ohio Sat morning.

We couldn't afford being snowed in or the road closing.

Due to this change, we managed to get our buns in gear.  House cleaned, clothes packed, car loaded.  All before dinner.  Must be some form of record.

Waking early, we got off by 4:23 am.  Another family record.

Due to such an early start plus being 1/2 hour closer, we arrived at our hotel that first night unexpectedly early.  Record breaking abounds.

The kids were thrilled by this turn of events.  Meant a more relaxed dinner while watching part of Tangled on TV then a LONG time at the hotel pool.  We usually have to rush all of this 'just to get it in'.  Not this trip - we were able to leisurely eat, change, AND swim for over an hour.  Whoo hoo!

Doug and I noted on this trip how big all the kids are getting.

The older kids, during their boughts of 'wrestling' in the pool with daddy, are getting closer to being able to overthrow him. Closer - not there yet.

The younger ones were even more noticeable.  This past summer when we traveled, both Trinity and Selah were quite fearful of the water. They LOVED being in the pool, but tended to stick close to the  stairs or clung to the wall.  This trip?  Trinity was walking all around the pool and trying her hand at 'swimming' on her own.  Selah?  She was pulling herself all around the pool - chasing Charity - along the sides.  Last summer it was all we could do to get her off the steps. She was even able to touch the bottom and walk a bit this trip.  WOW!

Our babies are no longer babies. :-(

That's a sad thing, but also exciting. A whole new adventure.

The second day of the road trip was rather uneventful.

Got up, packed up the car, ate breakfast at the hotel - nothing to write home about.  Then we drove.  And drove.   And drove.  Stopping for gas, 'potty breaks', and lunch.

Pulling in to Cincinnati a little before 7pm - Skyline Chili was on deck for dinner.  Followed immediately with a trip to the Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar for dessert.  Mind you NONE of us were hungry at this point, but.... we ate ice cream anyway.

Finally, on to Granddad's house where we unloaded, made up sleeping areas, and got everyone tucked into bed.

Safe and sound - our first leg of our Ohio trip was complete.  Now the fun can begin - seeing all our family and friends.

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