Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Science Fun

Each day I attempt to do a fun craft or activity with the girls. Especially now that they have finished their 'official' lessons for the year.  Keeps them occupied and makes certain I spend time purposefully engaging with them.  <When they are playing happily together, it's tempting to let them be and get projects/chores done.>   Such activities are usually fun for all.

Today, we began our craft time making some felt Bible Buddy Bookmarks. This was a colossal fail as the elmer's glue was just not cuttin' it.  The pieces would NOT stick together.

Once we bagged all the pieces up, the girls began begging for a 'replacement' craft. Trinity reminded me of a 'keep them busy' activity we'd done in the past.  Putting shaving cream in a bag with a drop or two of food coloring.  One then squishes it all around 'mixing' the colors.  Unfortunatly, we hadn't enough shaving cream and Daddy wasn't willing to forfeit what was left of his 'expensive stuff' for our project.  Guess that will be saved for another day.

Hmmmmm..... needed another idea.  Pinterest.

I came upon a neat suggestion using vinegar and baking soda with food coloring to have what I'll call 'color explosion'.  What a blast.  We've done similar activities in the past - volcanoes and the like, but.... this was a bit different.

                                           We gathered our materials.
A bottle of vinegar and container of baking soda.  
 4 clear cups for each girl, 4 large baking pans, 4 spoons for each, and food coloring.  
*Note: The pan made for super easy clean-up.

We lined the cups in the pans.  Filled them with vinegar.  Put drops of food coloring on the spoons. Then, filled the spoons with baking soda.

A little hesitant, Charity adds her first spoon

Next came the fun part -- adding the baking soda spoons to the cups.  Watching the girls excitement as the vinegar reacted with the baking soda, resulting in a "color explosion" out and over the top of the cups was priceless.

Adding spoon after spoon for bubbling fun
2 down, 2 to go

What fun.

Our finished product of fizzy fun

I think they had even more fun as they poured all the contents of their cups into the bottom of their pans and 'played'.  Occasionally we added a bit more baking soda to produce some 'bubbling', otherwise they just enjoyed scooping, stirring, and pouring their concoction back and forth from cups to pan.  The most creative aspect was the girls making 'spoon people' who were swimming and/or bathing in the now green vinegar/baking soda slush.

Stirring and pouring is half the fun

Sometimes ya' just gotta enjoy the simple stuff.

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