Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stages and Ages

Nurturing Selah during her illness this week made me remember how much I enjoy that part of mothering.

Not to say I'm not nurturing when the kids aren't sick, but they are all old enough now that I don't have to carry them around, tending to their every need.

I miss that!

Babies and I are a good mix.

Dont' get me wrong. I'm enjoying all the various stages the children have and are going through.

Teenagers are pretty fascinating.  The conversations you can have; the insights they portray; the maturity they display - most of the time; the less than wise decisions they occasionally make are all intriguing.  I'm learning to embrace much of it -- <sometimes.>  :-)

Pre-teens are a hoot.  Not little kids anymore, but not 'mature' teenagers either.  It's amazing to watch the whimsical manner in which they approach life.  Things are still novel to them.  They are figuring out their own place in this world yet still looking to mom and dad for guidance.  Fun and occasionally frazzling at the same time.

Early elementary kiddos are priceless.  Yearning to gain some independence, they are trying to stretch their wings.  Getting their own breakfast, choosing their own clothes, yet not wanting to 'clean up' after themselves because -- after all -- that are still little.

Last, but not least, the preschooler. She's torn between wanting to be like the 'big kids' and wanting to be babied by mama.  She's gaining a little independence and wants it when she's playing with her sisters, but.... at other times, she wants to be held, cared for, tended to.

Holding Selah this week - often; snuggling with her at naps; carrying her, as walking wore her out; stroking her head as her listless body sat on my lap; brought back those memories of when they were all just babes.

I LOVED holding them, stroking their hair, kissing their heads, rubbing their backs.  Just because they are older, bigger now, doesn't mean those activities need to cease.  Maybe they look different, but I'm still their mama, they are still my babies.

I wish my little ones didn't have to get sick, but I'm grateful for the reminder to be softer, more affectionate, to hold them on my lap, to rub their backs, to kiss their heads, to talk gently, lovingly to them, to serve them.... just because.... I can.  Just because..... I'm....
A common sight this week - minus the donut

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