Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Big Snow

We kept waiting for feet and feet of snow as we moved to Wyoming in late December.  It's Wyoming, after all, it's supposed to have LOADS of snow all winter long.  At least in our heads; based on what people have said about winters in Wyoming.

Boy were we surprised when month after month we'd get a dusting - maybe a bit more here and there - but temperatures were mild, pleasant. We experienced a few weeks of subzero temps and bone chilling high winds, but otherwise, it was quite enjoyable.  Ohio seemed to be getting more snow that we were. What was up with that?

Until.... mid-April.

Who knew that March and April were the big snow months?  Well, most native Wyomians, that's who. LOL!

After a week or so of VERY mild temps in which we all took the liners out of our winter coats, had thoughts of spring clothes, flowers, and buds on trees we were in for a shocker. The temperatures began dropping, the snow began falling.

We were used to that.  We assumed it would fall for a short time. The wind would blow most of it away and whatever was left would quickly melt as the sun shined down upon the earth.

Boy were we mistaken.

It began snowing late last week.  A slight bit of accumulation, but it was melting some. Then.... it really started snowing and.... it.... just.... didn't.... stop!

Plus, the heavy cloud cover kept that beautiful, hot star in the sky from beaming down on the never ceasing snowfall.  Preventing any melting what-so-ever.

Poor road conditions made travel less than fun.  Some days appointments and activities just needed to be cancelled.

Finally, we needed to go into town and the snow fall was slowing.  The kids and Doug began shoveling.

We were amazed to realized we had a good 2 ft of snowfall.

The truck literally looked half buried.  Small bushes looked liked tufts of grass peaking out over the top of the snow covered plains.

Our poor little truck - practically buried from our Spring winter storm

THIS was what we'd been waiting for.

A winter wonderland in Spring

Apparently, this is not uncommon for this time of year.  Guess we just needed to adjust our expectations.  Winters aren't all that bad in terms of snowfall -- but Spring...... well, that's a different story.

Oh the adventures that await us in our new country, mountain home.

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