Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saying Yes

There's been a blog on facebook that's boasting of being a 'yes mom'.  This is an area in which I struggle.

Gee, seems I struggle in a lot of areas.  Who knew starting a blog would result in me airing them all to the world?

Anyway, I'm still not sure saying 'yes' is always the answer. I think the fact parents have stopped saying NO when it's necessary is partially WHY our society is in the state it's in.  But... that will be a different post. A more political post.

Back to saying yes.  I all too often say no to small things. Not because they are bad or detrimental, but simply because I fear the mess, the time required, the money involved or basically I haven't thought through it all.

So, recently, I said yes to:
  • a second breakfast for some kiddlets who had already gotten down from the table
  • playing w/clay
  • tea at lunch
  • sugar cubes in the tea
  • a candy cane for dessert
  • playing 'store' with school play money (that is usually off limits so it doesn't get lost)
  • a movie before nap
  • making shaving cream, squishy, color bags
  • digging in the mud
  • picking flowers in the grass and yard
  • buying goldfish crackers (those things are expensive)
  • pop - with caffein (for the older kids)
  • Frosty milkshakes from Wendy's on the way to testing

Not saying I'm going to stop saying no.  Not saying I always say no.   I AM saying:  I'm going to continue making fun memories - saying yes to the simple pleasures in life.  Saying yes to the little things that make the mundane a bit more exciting, memorable.

When do you try to say 'yes' more often than not?

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