Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The PJ Bandits

On cold days the kids often prefer to stay in their warm comfy PJ's rather than worry about getting dressed. We know we're not going anywhere, we're not expecting company, and best of all, it saves on laundry.  Wooot wooot!

This day, it was snowing.  It was cold.  It was an all out family PJ day.

The dog, however, didn't get the memo.  He still wanted his walks.  Several of them.

Bethany and Elijah volunteered to take him on this, his third walk of the day.

Knowing it was cold, they ran and grabbed their snow pants, scarves, gloves, and hats.  Being ever so efficient, they put them all on in the back closet room in which they are kept.

As they emerged and walked down the hall and into the living room Doug burst into laughter.  As I looked up, I heard him mumble, "They look like bandits. The PJ bandits."

Belly laughs filled the room. They did in fact, look quite like masked bandits with their scarves tightly tied around their mouths and  noses, hats covering all of their head. The only part of them peering out was their eyes hidden by their glasses.

To top it off, they were wearing matching pajama shirts under their snow bibs.  Our PJ bandits were on the loose.

Guess this time it will be the kids that become the talk of the town rather than the dog.

Our cute little PJ Bandits!

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