Friday, April 5, 2013

Sunshine and Happiness

Today the girls were in rare form again, but this time not in a good way.  Bickering, arguing, blaming, complaining, were all on the menu for our morning of whine and cheese.

Having slept better, I thought it was going to be a fabulous day.  Such antics from the littles, however, put me in a grouchy mood 'right quick like'.

Why is it on mom's bad days, kids have good ones, and on mama's good days, the ckicklets have bad ones?  I'm sensing a conspiracy theory brewing.  :)


We fumbled our way through breakfast and into mid-morning/early afternoon.  Squabbles, mom intervened.  Happiness for 10 minutes.  More squabbles.  Time on the couch sharing nice things about each other. Pleasantries for 20 minutes.  Squabbles... you get the picture.

After lunch, the girls asked to go outside.  Craft project complete, full tummies, I figured it was a great idea.  I'd join them with my camera.

Sunshine and warm temps awaited us.... so.... out we went.
Just getting outside brought smiles to these cute little faces.
 I like THIS much better than the 'whine' served earlier.

Climbing on rocks, exploring our yard, walking the perimeter of our property line made for wonderful giggles, great exercise, and educational finds.  Like this cool, but kinda creepy skeleton.
Found this along the perimeter of our yard

Once we made our rounds covering our own land, we decided to take a bit of a walk through our 'subdivision'.

Running toward our driveway
Smiles and laughter and lots of chatter ensued throughout our little adventure.

As we approached our driveway to return home, Jacob and Apollos were just heading out for their afternoon walk. The girls begged to 'go along'.  Knowing they'd get too tired to make the full 2+ mile trek Jacob usually walks, we took a different route and walked toward the fire dept.
Big brother helped each girl take a turn petting the horse.

A quick stop to see the neighbor's horses, then a jaunt through some public land to search for antlers and watch the antelope play in the distance encapsulated our walking journey.

We didn't find antlers, but we did find this......

A skull found on our walk.
Just never know WHAT you'll found out here.

Finally getting tired, the girls asked to go back home.

Just sitting for spell

A piece of Easter candy to curb their hunger, then off to nap.  After all that walking, I'm sure naps will be good and long.

The shadows playing on the nearby mountains in our 'subdivision'.
Have to admit, getting out in the sun and fresh air not only helped their moods, but mine too.  Memories were formed, health was improved, relationships strengthened.  Sunshine and happiness --what a wonderful cure for the 'grumps and whines'.

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