Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sibling Love

As I sit and look out our front window I'm reminded of just how much I adore our children.  Watching them flounce about in the yard - full of life and glee.

Initially Selah didn't want to join the fun. She wanted to sit on my lap and be cuddled.  Loving that, I allowed her to stay with me.

Seeing her sisters happily running outside, climbing on the rock pile, she changed her tune and longed to get dressed and join the fun.

I had to smile as she chose her dress "so I can match Charity."  Then, putting on her clothes, talking to herself, "oops, forgot my tank top," I muffled a chuckle.  Eventually I offered to help her as everything ended up inside out before she was done.

The boys too enjoy the wide open spaces. They continue to relish sword fighting one another.  It gives my mama's heart great joy to see them still 'playing' together despite preteen and teen years setting in.

Watching our girls explore their new yard thrills me.  Further solidifying our decision to 'move west'.

Smiling ear to ear, Selah delights in Jacob whisking her into the air to carry her across the 'tall grass' and into the rock pile to climb and explore.  Like deep snow, she's not a fan of the tall grass either.  She'll need to overcome these quirks as they are going to be par for the course in her outdoor adventures.

Big brother is always willing to take his little sisters along

My heart sings as I observe my 16 year old son lead the way for his little sisters - jumping, hopping, exploring the rocks, the creek, the nooks and crannies that surround our new home.  He's a wonderful big brother.  Playing, exploring, nurturing, teaching... it's all part of his interactions with his wee sisters.

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