Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Love/hate Relationship

Bundling the girls up to go out and play, I was thrilled they wanted to venture into the new blanket of snow almost covering the tall tufts of vegetation that is our yard.

Stuffing little hands into tiny gloves, wiggling fingers into their proper position.  Tying hats on heads so they won't fall off - the hats that is. Wrapping scarves around necks to keep the cold and snow from going down their coats.  Forcing gloved covered hands through tight fitting elastic coat arms to keep those little wrists warm.  Stomping cute little feet into warm winter boots to keep tiny toes from freezing.  Oh, we mustn't forget fluffing little girls' skirts into warm snow pants in order to save little bony legs from getting chilled and wet.

I'm sure it took me 15 minutes to get them all three bundled up and out the door.

The chatter of excitement made it all worth it.  They scampered off to the front yard to make snow angels, climb on the snow covered rocks, and simply enjoy the newest winter wonderland that had developed overnight on this fun spring morning.

What seemed like moments later, the door opened.  In trotted Selah already shedding gloves, hat, scarf. Begging her eldest sister to unzip her coat, her snow pants, and to pull off her warm boots.


15 minutes of preparation for what.... 5 minutes of play time?

Was it worth it?  What was the use?

Yeah, those few minutes of exhilaration as they stepped out into the new fallen powder, full of joy and anticipation of what fun was in store, made it worth my time and effort.

The other two lasted a bit longer.  Only returning inside to eat lunch.

Following lunch, Trinity inquired, "Can we go back outside?  Or, watch a movie?"

Hmmmm... let me ponder my options..... what movie would you like?  It may have been worth it, but if an alternative was available, I was takin' it.

That love/hate relationship I have with getting littles ready to play outside.  Loved it the first time, was hating the thought of it the second time.  Maybe tomorrow that love feeling will be back.

Yep, those 15 minutes of bundling up were worth it.  Just look at those cute faces.

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