Thursday, May 2, 2013

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

In case you didn't know this, I'm a type A personality. A bit high strung.  Techno-genius would probably say that's an understatement of mass proportions.  :-)

Over the years (and no, I haven't mastered it yet), I've learned to try to 'go with the flow' a bit more.

As I age, I want to improve even more.

I used to (ok, still do on occasion) get totally flustered whenever things didn't go as planned.  I'd become anxious, grumpy, irritable.

Just imagine traveling with me!  Especially with lots of kids in tow.

I think having so many kids is partially what helped curb my 'anal' tendencies.  (Pardon my choice of words.)

As one can imagine - having 6 kids sorta negates the idea of 'everything going as planned'.

As I observe others and how they respond to things not being just so, I am even more convinced that I desperately want to curb my overactive perfectionist qualities.

I acknowledge that I will always prefer structure, order.  Having things planned out and tidy; running smoothly.  However, I am well aware that doesn't always happen and that I have a choice in how I respond to those times.

My words, my reactions impact others.  I want my legacy to be a positive one.  I want to find joy in ALL situations, not just the ones that 'fit my agenda'.

After all - life happens.  It's rare that things REALLY turn out exactly as we'd like or anticipate.

Sometimes, if we're open to it, it's those unexpected, unplanned, imperfect moments that are the most precious.

If we're so focused on what we think should occur or on things being 'just so' we may miss  the many treasures that 'just happen'.

The gifts God had planned for us.  The ones that were in HIS agenda, even if they weren't in ours.

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