Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why God Made Kids Cute

It was one of those mornings.

I hadn't slept great.

Waking up, I felt vaguely like I'd been hit by a mack truck sometime along the way in my slumber.

Then it started.

Whining, fussing, griping.  "Don't tell mommy!"  "I can tell her if I want!"  "I want that." "Let me through."  All within minutes.

Even the older kids were getting in on the 'fun'.  Shoot, grown-ups in the house seemed grouchier than usual.

I stumbled out of the bedroom, into the kitchen and began the process of making a pot of coffee.  Knowing full well this mini-pot that only brews 5 cups at a time was just. not. gonna. cut. it this grey-mood-brewing day!

As it finished, I poured 2 cups 'o Jo for Techno-genius and myself; adding Splenda and whipped cream to make it palatable this dragging morning.

Walking back to the bedroom for our morning coffee chat, still hazy from waking up and the aforementioned grouchies, I passed the dining room where the grumbling kids were finishing up their breakfast treats of pastries brought home by Granddad.

Due to all the grumps, grumbles, and grouchiness already portrayed this 'lovely' morning, I lumbered along, head drooping.

That's when I heard Charity's sweet voice begin singing.  Obviously a "Charity Original", she joyfully sang of Jesus hanging on the cross, now looking down on us, loving us.  The tune was sweet, melodious, almost like a lullaby.  She carried on for 4-5 stanzas with similar words of love and encouragement keeping her lulling melody constant.

This made me smile.

All of a sudden, just as I entered the bedroom, I hear in a much more boisterous, belting manner from our precious 5 year old, "Ba da bum, ba dum, dum, da cha ra dum."  Ceasing her musical debut.

Strike a pose - seems like this would match the end
of her song quite sportingly
By now, I couldn't help but chuckle which caused Techno to ask "What's so funny?"

That's when I commented, "God sure knew what he was doing when he made kids so stinkin' cute."

A true cutie-patutie

Charity  helped soothe her mama's tired, frazzled, grumpy-building soul with her melodic yet comical song and delightfulness.

God did know what he was doing when He made kids so darn cute.  That charm kept mommy's grumpiness at bay and we all know, 'when mama's happy, everyone's happy.'

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