Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bubble Wrap Fun

Who doesn't LOVE bubble wrap?

Once you start popping those little bubbles, you just. can't. stop!

As I cut the tape off the make-shift box encapsulating the doll house, the bubble wrap became visible.

Eyes widened as the girls excitedly asked if they could 'pop the bubbles'!

Waiting - somewhat patiently - they stood just out of reach as I wrestled the large and awkward structure.

Finally freeing it from the box, I then began cutting the bubble wrap to expose the actual house.

Gasps from all three girls erupted.  "Why are you cutting the bubble wrap?"

"To take it off the house."  Was my flat reply.

As I cut, I was able to pull piece by piece of the wrap and toss it to the 'bubble wrap vultures' for their disposal.

That's when the fun REALLY began.

Initially they sat down and.... pop, pop, pop....quietly popped those bubbles - some big, some small - with their tiny little fingers.

All three littles quietly
concentrating on popping bubble wrap

Suddenly an explosion of POP, POP, POPPITY, POP, POPPITY, POP, POP, POP resounded throughout the back room.

As I turned, this is what I saw:

Trinity and Selah jump popping!
Charity on her own little island
of bubble wrap

Why sit and pop one bubble at a time, when jumping on the bubble wrap results in a machine gun effect of bubble popping bananza?

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