Monday, May 6, 2013

Keeping the little in my girls

As I look around at our culture I'm reminded of how fast we try to force our children to 'grow up', mature, even be sexy.

Our oldest daughter is a teenager now. did that happen? When did we get old enough to have 2 teenagers in our house?

I digress...  Back to my original topic.

As she has matured, I've had the privilege to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman.  However, I still see glimpses of that little girl with the pretty blue eyes and blonde hair.  That innocent youngster.

I watch as she balances wanting to 'play' with her childhood belongings and slowly moving toward being interested in 'fixing her hair' and trying her hand at new fashions - being a teen.

Seeing other girls younger than her, the same age, or slightly older than her acting well beyond 'their years'; dressing in a manner that would make a grown man blush; dating; plastering their faces with make-up; posting suggestive photos and quotes -- It makes me cherish her innocence even more.

We have 3 more following in her footsteps.  I'm thrilled they have such a wonderful role model in her.  A big sister with integrity.  A young lady more interested in what God's Word says she should be rather than how the world encourages her to act, dress, look.

It's not easy for her.  She doesn't attract the 'popular girls' as friends.

Despite her ability to run a household and care for younger siblings, she's not considered 'mature' in the world's eyes.

She's still innocent, naive.

Others may think we are sheltering her, holding her back.

I believe we are preparing her to be a Godly woman; to follow God's ways; to be pure and lovely.

There's something to be said for keeping the little in our girls.  Once it's gone, I think we can all agree, it doesn't come back.  Why force that away earlier than we need to?  Why not encourage them to 'stay little' a while longer?

That's my goal.  I hope to keep the little in my girls a bit longer.

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