Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life in the country/mountains

Today, the girls asked to have a 'snack picnic' outside in preparation for a picnic lunch with the big kids.  "We had to 'try it out' to be sure ants and critters wouldn't get our food."  According to Trinity.

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm, Spring, Wyoming day.  A balmy 60 degrees, so I said yes.

The skies were blue, the clouds puffy and white, the grass green - mostly,  and the mountain caps in the distance tipped with snow.


Before our snack, we ventured around our property line again. The girls find this trek ever so fun. All the rocks to climb over; ground squirrel holes to investigate; little tiny flowers to pick; the dry creek bed to explore; and the big bush to view in full bloom now.

Snack time complete, lunch in progress, the girls were bent on taking a walk around the neighborhood.

Off we went.  Leaving the older kids to complete their chores and finish an on-line test.

The littles took turns holding Apollos' leash.  I have to admit, he's come a long way when Selah can keep him in check on a walk.  He just trundled along beside whichever girl was tugging on his leash at that particular point in the walk. He'd jog as they 'ran him', pulling them to the side to sniff a critter hole every now and again.  Meandering ahead,  they all bounded down the dirt and gravel road.


While walking, we said hello to some distant neighbors.  The woman suggested we clean out our creek bed from sticks and leaves and other debris so the water we are receiving can make it's way through the community.

When we returned, we started on this task.

The funniest part of all this?  Earlier, on our 'trek around the property', we checked out the creek; walked across the bridge; picked up some odd/end trash that had blown back there. At that time, there. was. NO. WATER!

Now, however, as we began at the front of our property working our way back, we discovered the water was flowing ever so nicely.  It hasn't filled the entire creek bed, but it's getting close.  It's already past the little bridge making it's way to the pipe that flows under the roadway.

The girls and I kept moving upstream pulling out twigs, leaves, and other debris to make the 'path' for the water more open.  All in hopes to get the water flowing more readily throughout our neighborhood.

This was quite the adventure.  Who knew I'd be straddling a stream today, rear end in the air, plucking out dead limbs, leaves, dirt and whatever else might have fallen into the creek bed over the last several years?

I'm sure it was quite the sight.  Grateful for the trees and brush that hid my backside from view, I diligently worked on this task.  Wishing the whole time we had 'raked' back here well before the water began flowing.

Then, remembering with a smile, that our lawn tools are still on a truck; stuck somewhere in Colorado; waiting to be delivered.  But, that's another post all together.

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