Thursday, May 23, 2013

The truck arrived!

Here it is:  Wed, May 23, 2013.

The moving truck finally arrived.  Only 3 days after it's original scheduled arrival date.

Happy dance!

I'm sure the movers were even more excited than we were  -- at least until they started unloading everything.  :-)

It was exciting and anxiety provoking all at the same time.

'OUR' stuff was finally here.  That's a good thing, right?

Now that it's all unloaded; I see the multitude of boxes; I gaze at the myriad of additional furniture items; I'm. not. so. sure.

The boys bunk beds - all we need are mattresses.
Oh yeah, and twin sized sheets. Hmmm.... wonder
what box THOSE are in?

Our upside down table and future 'island' - plus lots of chairs
The bunk beds are being assembled as I type.  Lots of excitement over that task.  The dining room table  has legs again, but is still 'upside down'.  This too fills us with joy.  The workbench that will be morphed into a movable island is sitting in the kitchen as well.  More thrills abound.

Waiting for the twitching to begin, I feel more like napping than unpacking.

That dreaded 'shutdown' mode threatens to encroach upon my being.

But... I'll persevere.  Press on.  It WILL all get accomplished.

The left half is boxes we need to unpack.
MOST of the right half is 'donatable' stuff.

Only half of the garage is filled with boxes.

The movers will assemble all the furniture.  

Taking this task bit by bit, bite by bite, moment by moment we'll get it all unpacked, put away, organized, and donated.

I'm envisioning what the 'finished product' will look like.  How great it will feel to have 'our stuff' nestled into our new home.

This too will be an adventure.

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