Monday, May 27, 2013

Unpacking 'Wees' and 'Woes'

All the boxes have been opened, looked through, and moved to staging areas - at the very least.  Wee!

The kitchen is unpacked and reorganized.

Dad's items that we will no longer be using have been packed up to donate or go to storage.

Our dishes, pots/pans, glasses, etc have been placed in their new homes.

  • A new pot rack with all the pots hanging - check.
  • The island moved into its final resting spot; all the small appliances that will live there positioned; as well as a myriad of gadgets filling the drawers - check.        
  • Tea cup hooks hung with coffee mugs placed upon them - check.
  • TONS of items stored above the cabinets - check.

In addition to the kitchen, the kids rooms are basically in order.  THEY. HAVE. BEDS!!!!!  Whooohooo!!!  One of the most exciting events of our belongings arriving.  Not to mention Techno Genius and my nice comfy king sized bed. :-)  Wee!

Books are on bookshelves; games are strategically placed up high; movies line the top two shelves in the 'toy closet'.

The 'media center' is assembled.... ON THE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER!  What a novel idea.  Gone is the make-shift board held up by 2 filing cabinets cluttered with all our electronics.  Happy Day!

As I emptied boxes to find items, I did discover some 'casualties of moving'.  A few special mementos were broken in transit.  Woe!  It made me sad -- for a time.  Then I reminded myself that just b/c the items were damaged, ruined didn't delete the memories they signified.

I still have those!

Plus, those items were JUST THINGS!  Although special because of the memories they held, they are  nothing compared to the PEOPLE those memories were based upon.

The next 'woe' in our unpacking venture was a sore throat and fever for me.  Guess the germs didn't get the memo that I. DON'T. HAVE. TIME. TO. BE. SICK!  

I guess that's just my cue to rest and take it easy for a bit.  Get a good night's sleep.


Enjoy the accomplishments we've made thus far.

Allow myself to take a little longer to 'get it all done'.

Realize I'm NOT super woman.

I'm just Liz.

Average, everyday mom.  Who, by God's grace, can and often does accomplish a lot.

However, occasionally... I need to step back and wait. Be patient.  REST.  Listen to the signals God is sending.  The ones that will keep me healthy and well.

For now, the boxes will remain unpacked.  The house will be a mess. The laundry will overflow.

It's ok.

It'll wait.

Thankfully, tomorrow's a new day!

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