Monday, May 13, 2013

Bitter Sweet Memories

Our time in Ohio was bitter sweet.

It was fabulous to see family and friends. To reconnect with those we haven't seen in months.

Smiles and hugs everywhere.

Meals were shared; fellowship was had; play dates were executed; time was spent; stories were told.

Some friendships picked up as if we'd never left - even blossomed - etching them deeper into our hearts.

Through all this we also had some friendships close doors.  I guess that's some of the bitter part.

But, a friend reminded me, "Friendships are often for a season.  Enjoy them during that time."  I happen to agree with her.

This friendship was so precious to me for that time.  Choices were made and things changed.  A new season.

I'll always cherish the memories, the growth, the love -- but, now -- it seems a new era has dawned.  It's not easy to admit, however, it was obvious.

Still, we'll relish the kindness and ever reaching friendships of so many.  We'll look forward, fondly, to future visits and correspondence with these treasures.

With social media, e-mail, and the telephone the distance and time apart seems so much less.

We're excited to return home, but we are sad to say goodbye all over again.  We'll miss the face-to-face interactions we were able to enjoy during our visit.

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