Saturday, May 18, 2013

Creative Juices

I've always been crafty - or at least enjoyed doing crafts.  Since having kids I've 'upped the ante' in the crafty department.

Sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

Making halloween costumes, props for pretend play, crafts to keep them busy, even repurposing clothing into new forms - jeans to skirts or purses, t-shirts to scarves - the possibilities are endless.

Since moving west, I've gotten a hankering for making 'rustic decor'.  Pinterest has been wonderful for this endeavor.  There are hoards of ideas out there.

My friend, Jamie Irwin, posted on her blog - Life Fully Loaded - using mason jars for glasses and it made me nostalgic for actually CREATING some of the wonderful craft ideas I've been coveting.

Unfortunately, most of my craft supplies are still in storage from our move.

So, I'll continue to just save up supplies and plot out my plans.

Like Jamie, I save most of our glass jars from store bought food items - like salsa and spaghetti sauce.  Even some fun jars that once held olive oil or fancy vinegar.  Not sure what all I'll do with the various jars, but... with my plethora of 'pins' , I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Mason jar goblets are on the top of my list, however.  How fun will that be?  I can guarantee we'll be the only ones of our friends with such unique glassware.

I.  Simply. Can't. Wait!  I'll have to snap a photo of our first unsuspecting guests who get to use them.  ;-)

The other thing I've started keeping is cans.  Big, small, short, tall.  The possibilities are endless.  Candle holders, lanterns with holes punched in the sides in a decorative pattern, a chandelier (ok, not sure I'll pull that one off, but...), pencil holders,  cans wrapped w/sticks to use as vases and decorative holders, the list goes on.

I'm beginning to drool just thinking of all the possibilities.  I do think the first thing I'll venture to make will be those goblets.  Maybe even soon as I didn't have glass glue in my supplies before we moved.  Might just have to go purchase some and get started. They are going to be the bomb!  Does anyone even say that anymore?

What ideas do you have for rustic decor using jars and cans?  I'm gathering ideas to keep in my arsenal. I'd love to add some more.

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