Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Love of Mom

I had intended to write something for Mother's Day, but with our visit to Ohio and traveling back to Wyoming over the Mother's Day weekend, I didn't manage to get a post written.

Since being a mama is such an important aspect of my life and because I also wanted to say thanks to my own mom - I decided to write the post - just late.

I consider myself blessed to have the mom I have.  It's because of the sacrifices she made, the unconditional love she shared that has made me the woman and mom I am today.

I am tremendously thankful for the example she set forth.  She demonstrated love to me when I messed up, when I succeeded, even when I chose not to even try.  She did what she knew to do - love me, care for me, nurture me, even discipline me when necessary.

I attribute much of who I am today to her love; her illustration.

Thinking of Doug's mom - who passed away 2 years ago - I'm also grateful for the mother she was to him.  He's the man he is, in part, due to the love she lavished upon him.

In reminiscing on my childhood and how important my mom was in my growth; in molding me into the person I am today, I am humbled to think of the impact I can and do have on my own children.

In that vain, this Mother's Day week, I am choosing to continue to invest in my childrens' lives.  I want them to one day look back and know, "Mom cared, Mom loved me - for me."

I know that being a mom - a stay-at-home mom - is what God has called me to for this season of my life.  I want to honor that God given role.

The Bible instructs me to be a 'keeper at home', to minister to my husband, my children, then to other circles in my life.

I want to excel in this area.

What an opportunity.

To mold little lives. To help them achieve their potential.  To love them unconditionally as an earthly model of how God loves them.  Most importantly to take a major role in leading them to know Christ as their personal Savior.

Thanks, Mom, for instilling in me a love that I can now pass along to my own children.  Happy Mother's Day!

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