Friday, May 10, 2013

Kids should be seen AND heard

Listening to our children laugh and giggle as their daddy picked them up to kiss them goodbye - giving them a little tossle as he did - made me smile yet wince as their giggles morphed into loud squeals.

Our kids are not quiet - yet they are not obnoxious and destructive nor are they disrespectful.

They are...... JOYFUL!

Enjoying life, feeling secure, knowing they are loved - they aren't afraid to giggle, to laugh out loud, to sing and make boisterous music.

Occasionally others make me feel like I need to hush them, to quiet them, keep them still.  I want to honor those who think kids should be seen but NOT heard, but at the same time I struggle because the noises our children make are happy (usually), joy filled, fun sounds.

Rarely do they 'throw a fit', yell inappropriately, speak disrespectfully to another.  (Not saying they never whine or fuss, but when in public and with other people they tend to control those 'outbursts')  In general they are simply happy, giggly kiddos just living life and showing their propensity for joyfulness.

I want to balance allowing our children to be kids; to laugh, giggle, make loud, playful noises while still teaching them to be respectful of what others 'expect' from them.

Jesus told His disciples to allow the little children to come to Him.  I doubt those children were quiet, calm, noiseless.  I imagine they were 'typical' kids.  Giggling, chattering, squealing in delight.  Maybe even jumping, running, skipping around him as a game.  Yet, Jesus called them to Him.  Gave them His blessing.  He even admonished the adults to be LIKE them.

Wow - that alone speaks volumes.

Children should be taught to be respectful.  To honor their elders. To speak politely.  To be helpful.

Techno-genius and I strive to teach these qualities to our children.  For the most part, our children exude these characteristics.

At the same time, children are children.  They wiggle, they giggle.  Often they even squeal and bounce around like a squirrel hyped up on an energy drink.

Just as I smile as they chuckle when they are happy, I believe God smiles too.  He's the one who created them.  He made their wiggly, giggly bodies.  His Son beckoned them as they were, NOT just when they were silent, still.  Therefore, it's my opinion that children should be seen AND heard.

If we adults approached life MORE like children, had the faith of children, shared the joy of children; I wonder how different it would be?

How do you handle 'others' expectations for your children to be quiet, still, un-animated?  I find it difficult to balance at times.


  1. I needed that! I sometimes get caught up in what others think about how silly or playful my own children get and I forget that they are just CHILDREN and that is totally normal:) Thanks

    1. It is hard to not get caught up in what others think and say. Glad to help you remember. I need the reminder often myself. I love to hear my children giggle and play. Makes my heart smile.

  2. Wow Liz, another home run in the blog post department! This is a great reminder, well-written and clearly from the heart. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jamie. It was from the heart - glad it came across that way.


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