Thursday, May 30, 2013

My First Contest

I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a frugal, fun idea for a contest. After all, if I offer a contest, there has to be a prize. Well, Ms. Frugal here is all.. about.. saving.. money!  Not thinking giving away a pair of cowboy boots or a fancy cake plate like The Pioneer Woman is within my budget.  I also didn't want to copy my friend Jamie at Life Fully Loaded and give away a box of candy.  So.... what could I do?

After writing my post on crafting with mason jars and cans, it hit me.

I am on the lookout for 'rustic' craft ideas using jars and cans of all sizes and shapes.  Function is important. Techno-genius isn't keen on decorations for decoration sake.  He prefers decorations with a purpose.  I, on the other hand, can go both ways. I like 'pretties' because they are just that... pretty. But, I also don't - like - clutter.  Ergo, most of our decorative pieces double as storage or have a function - clock, light, candle holder, vase, pencil holder... you get the idea.

With that in mind.... I'm putting forth my first ever contest.

Get your creative juices running and send me unique, 'rustic', decorating and crafting ideas utilizing mason and other glass jars or empty cans of any size.

My family and I will evaluate all the entries - please send a pic if you have one - and determine the one we like best. The winning entry will be implemented in my craft craze now that my supplies have arrived.

The most unique, rustic entry will win...... you guessed it..... a pair of mason jar goblets!!!! 
These fun goblets can be used as water goblets, funky wine glasses, even candle holders - whatever your preference.

Hand made by yours truly - six shootin' mama herself.

Send entries directly through the comments section of my blog or to my e-mail to be considered.  (I've had some say leaving comments on my blog isn't an easy task, so.... hoping the e-mail option will make that road smoother.)

Contest opens today and will close in one week - June 6, 2012.  We will evaluate the entires over the weekend and announce the winner Mon. June 10.

Send those ideas. Get crafty.  Help me fulfill my 'rustic decorative dreams'.

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