Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why is saying yes sometime so hard?

Following lunch, I decided to be a 'yes mom' and allow the kids to have a piece of candy as their treat.  Everyone had eaten well, so it seemed a good idea.

Happy to have this privilege they all jaunted off to the pantry porch to scavenge through the candy  bucket.

One by one, they appeared.

Selah, "Can I have these?"  Holding up a small tootsie roll and a piece of gum before her little face, squinting her eyes.

"Yes," came my reply.

Next, Jacob appeared.  "Can I have 2 pieces of gum so I can blow a bubble?"

Pondering, I decided, "No.  It's not 'bubble gum', I'm not sure a second piece will really help."

Then Bethany asking for both she and Elijah, "Can we have m&m's?  All the candy in the bucket isn't appropriate for our braces."

"Yes," I happily responded.

Next came Trinity and Charity.  First Charity said, "There's a spider in the candy bucket!"

I quickly replied, "Did you squish it?"

"No, I didn't see it."  She squealed.

"How do you know there's a spider then?"  I muttered.

"Selah thought she saw an ant one day, but it only had one body so I know it's a spider", she excitedly exclaimed.

"Did you see it today?" I asked.

"No." She flatly responded.

"It's probably gone then."  I tell her.

"Can we have m&m's?"  She and Trinity both asked simultaneously.  I guess a potential spider in the candy bucket relegates it 'off limits' from here on out.

After some consideration I decided, "No, you guys still have candy you like in the candy bucket.  It's chewy, so Bethany and Elijah cannot eat it.  You guys eat that."

Off they go.

Moments later.  Trinity chimed, "Can we have a candy cane and break it in half?"


"Where are they?" She asked.

"I don't know," I stated, "did you not see them with the rest of the candy?"

No answer, she just disappeared back to the pantry porch.

Another appearance by Charity.  "Can we have Oreos as our candy?"

Sigh.  "Yes, that is fine."

"How many?" came her response.

"Two seems fair."  I slightly exasperatedly uttered.

A few seconds later, Trinity bellowed as she came bouncing into the room excitedly, "Can we have a small handful of chocolate chips?"

Bigger sigh.  "No, those are more for cooking and baking.  You guys have plenty of candy.  I said you could have candy, if you don't want candy or the other options to which I've already said yes, you can skip the treat this time around."

"We'll have Oreos!"  She yelled back as she ran out of the room. Knowing mom had hit her wall on questioning for candy types.

Why is it saying yes - which seems so simple - can be so complicated?

A simple kind gesture of allowing the kids a treat after their afternoon meal turned into a 15 minute interrogation of what candy, how many pieces, why not this, why not that, how about this, how about that?

And I wonder why I sometime just say NO despite not having a good reason to do so.  LOL!
Who knew such simple treats could cause such trouble?  :-)

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