Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do't get discouraged

As I began my blog, I had high hopes of gaining a huge following - fast. After all, who wouldn't like to read about our life and see it through my eyes? ;-)

Now, I'm not saying I expected to get famous.  However, thoughts of friends and family readily reading to hear about happenings and life at the Williams Homestead - especially now that we live so very far away from what most call "civilization" - filled my wee brain.

It was hard not to get discouraged when I saw, after a couple weeks up and running, that I had a whopping 5 followers - 2 who were yet to actually activate their subscription and 2 who lived in my house.  "Guess I didn't have as many friends as I thought," I mused.  My own Mom wasn't even following.  Granted - she confessed she simply clicked on my FB page and read it from there. Which I've convinced myself is what many must choose to do.  No one wants their e-mail in-box flooded with stories of our life - as fun as it may be.

A friend wrote to let me know she read some of the early posts.  Her words helped me immensely; put the whole thing in perspective; reminded me of WHY I started the blog in the first place.  She said, "What a blessing and legacy to leave for your children and their children; for generations to come, your story will be passed along."

She was right.  My blog began because a few friends suggested I journal our adventures and how God worked in and through our lives with our move out west.  My husband has always thought blogging was a better outlet for my desire to write and share the happenings of our lives.

And so, no matter the number of followers and "hits" on my blog; no matter how many other blogs surpass mine; I will continue to post.  I will share the fun, the struggles, the delights, the antics of littles, the triumphs of bigs, the ups and downs in marriage, recipes, homeschool ideas, crafts, repurpose sewing projects, God sightings, our journey into homesteading w/chickens and goats <God willing>, and whatever else God brings across our path.

Yes, I hope others enjoy reading my blog, but my internal focus will no longer be on what others think, but more on what I want to leave for my children's children, for future generations of this 'Williams Homestead' we are developing.

God provided salve to a discouraged soul through another friend who said, "I think your grandchildren will simply treasure reading about their parents through the eyes of their Grandma.  What a blessing."

So - I'll blog on.

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  1. Hey Auntie Beth! I don't think you see me as a follower, but I have added you to my "blog reel" so whenever I get onto my blog, I scroll through and read yours... Either way about it, I am glad that you got a renewed perspective so that you will continue to write...
    Love you!


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