Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The trip to Ft. Collins was uneventful.

Weather was nice. Scenery beautiful.  Company first rate.

Arriving early we made a couple stops to the bigger grocery stores for items we can't find locally.  I must admit, whenever we do this, I covet the produce departments.  So expansive; full of the colors of the rainbow - in fruit and veggie form.

Once checked into the oral surgeon's office, the waiting began.  An emergency surgery was running a little behind.

I'm sure this made Jacob a bit more nervous, but he handled it well and didn't show it.

They called him back.

I was permitted to go with him until he was sedated.  Thrilled to go, but anxious about watching him go under.  I had done this before with him, I knew it would be hard on my mama's heart.

All went smoothly.  I left him, drowsing, in the hands of 3 dental professionals and made my way back to the waiting room with Techno-genius.

I browsed through a couple magazines and read an article or two.  Suddenly the surgeon was standing there stating, "Jacob did great.  We'll wake him up and then you can come on back."

That was fast.

What felt like moments later, we were sitting with our boy.  Still a bit loopy and droopy, but doing well.

The drive home was thankfully unremarkable.  A shamrock shake for the patient and pineapple/mango smoothies for his parents and off we went.

A little nausea kicked in as we drove, but resting his head and closing his eyes resolved it pretty quickly.

Once home, he napped along with the girls (and mom) for a good 2.5 hours.  We finally decided to wake him so he'd sleep that night.

A happy guy all around - a little pain won't keep him down for long.
A dinner of yogurt, pudding, and root beer floats while everyone else had pizza seemed just fine while we watched a movie together. Keeping everyone nice and calm.

Praising God for a successful surgery and praying for quick healing.  Daddy joked with him that he'd have to start Sunday school all over again.... since the surgeon took all his wisdom out.  Ba da dum.

Any suggestions for helping the healing process?  We have an oral rinse, antibiotics, and pain meds. Plan to hand him ice bags in the morning.  Any other wonderful tidbits to try?  What worked for you when you had your wisdom teeth pulled?

His biggest concern?  Not being able to eat "Burger X-Treme" for Sunday lunch.  :-)  Teenage boys.


  1. I cut open a scarf and slid the ice bags inside of it so that I could tie them to my head rather than have to hold them up the whole time. It was a lot easier.

  2. Very clever. I'm not sure we have any scarves that are doubled. I'll have to check. He needs to get the ice back on. He's feeling quite well.

  3. Actually, after the surgery, he did get to eat Burger X-treme.... But he also got ice cream. Good deal.

    Elijah Williams

    1. Not RIGHT after the surgery. That wasn't until several days later. He only had the shamrock shake and yogurt that first day.


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