Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mom needs recycled

Have you ever had one of those days where you just needed to crawl back in bed?  You know, the type of day where you're just so grumpy you can hardly stand yourself?

It's on those days that I've learned to recycle.

Numerous culprits can be guilty for my temperament on such days.  Hormonal swings, too little sleep, haven't eaten, eaten too much of the wrong foods, reactions to someone else's words/actions, or not enough time in God's Word lately.

Unfortunately, I still haven't perfected controlling my moods.  I occasionally bark a little too much at the kids; snip a bit too often at my husband; get cranky more than I should with the annoying, uh hem, dutiful telemarketer.

It's those days - when my disposition is not quite 'sunny' - that I have needed to find a way to prevent myself from becoming too ugly to those I love the most.

I have been known to tell my kids when they are grumpy, irritable, and out of sorts that it's time to be recycled.  When I say that, it usually means they need to take a nap and get some rest.  For the littles this is quite literally SLEEP. For the big kids this is often just a break from whatever activity seems to be triggering the attitude along with some 'quiet time'.

Well rested babies make happy babies.... and apparently mommies too.
It almost always has a positive impact.

I discovered this tactic, similar to Tricks cereal, "Isn't just for kids".

When I find myself scowling too much, getting my panties in a bunch over the smallest matter, griping at the kids or techno-genius over the silliest of circumstances.... I go ahead and recycle myself.

I grab my Bible, put on some comfy clothes, and crawl into bed -- literally.  A little time in God's word, a short nap and my spirt is, more often than not, right as rain.  Or at the very least, improved.

Looks inviting - especially on those days

What works for you when you need to be recycled?  This is by far the most effective solution I have found.  I'm learning to allow the tasks to be put aside, the excuse that I'll not sleep well that night, be banished.

The manner in which I react and act toward my family - the bonds that can be built or broken - are far more important than finishing the laundry or assuring (yeah right) a good's nights sleep.  A short break from my otherwise grouchy day, to take a little time to read Scripture and rest, is just what the Great Physician ordered.

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