Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new stage of parenting

Today the girls wanted to head outside to build a snowman.

All the big kids were gone so I was going to be the main 'bundle upper'.  When they are home it's a tag team effort.

Visions of stuffing little legs in snow pants, feet in snow boots, hands in little gloves darted through my mind.

I recalled from years of experience just how long such an endeavor took and then just how short of a time they actually would PLAY in the snow.  Sigh.

But, memories needed to be made.

So.... after a little stalling by giving them a snack of popcorn balls:  "Get your snow pants from the closet!" I announced.

While the girls gathered their warm snow clothes, I headed off to get myself changed and ready for snow play.

Much to my amazement the littles pushed their own little legs into the snow pants, plopped their own little feet into their boots, and even had shoved gloves upon those cute little fingers.  AMAZING!  The only thing I really had to do was zip coats and secure hats.

In all honesty, they were ready BEFORE I was.

Off we ventured into our wintery snow land.

Unfortunately, the snow was NOT packing snow.  Despite having gathered a hat, a carrot nose, and a scarf - building a snowman was o-u-t, OUT!

The girls quickly changed courses and began playing in the snow.  Running to our 'rock area' then to the stream to see if it had frozen.  Guess what?  It HAD!  (Imagine that?)

Once by the stream, we noted the wonderful drifts leading from the house down to the creak.  SLEDDING!!

Trinity grabbed 3 sleds and the fun began.
Charity heading down our little hill!
She was wise to have those legs out as she curved into a small tree at the bottom.

Trinity found a small - more open - sledding hill.  The main path was tree-free!

Selah LOVED sledding.
Ironic as last year we could barely keep her outside for more than 5 minutes.

When they had conquered all the hills, we headed back inside for homemade hot cocoa with marshmallows!

Once again, they removed their own gloves, hats, boots, and snow pants.  They even put everything away.  (Which made preparing the hot cocoa so much quicker and easier.)
Yummy hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows following a cold, snowy, sledding outing!

WOW!  This is a new era.  My help is no longer as necessary for some tasks.

I'm glad I didn't let my lack of motivation (could be translated laziness) get in the way of making memories.

Seeing those smiles on those darling little faces, well..... priceless.

I've entered a new stage of parenting.  It's bittersweet.  It's nice that the girls are more independent. It's fun all the 'new' things we can do as a family.  It's also sad to not have little ones dependent upon me.  Snuggling with me.  Even crying for me.

But, one thing I've learned through this journey of motherhood -- enjoy each and every stage.

They. All. Go. By. Too. Fast!!  Don't miss 'em.

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