Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend (and beyond) Projects

As part of my Christmas gift (and my upcoming Valentine's, Easter, Sweetest Day, some of our anniversary, and probably even my next birthday) Techno gave me new furniture for our living room.

A walnut brown leather couch and matching oversized chair and ottoman.


They are rustic, yet classic.  Not to mention pretty comfy as well.

Unfortunately, they haven't arrived yet.

However, that's sort of a good thing as we've yet to get rid of our existing 'old' couch and chair AND I've yet to make the dog's new bed from the cushions of the old couch.

Part of the reason we are getting new furniture now and not later is b/c he ripped the cushions when we were last in Ohio.  
Not totally his fault as the kids had left a bag of candy on the couch that had fallen back under the cushions. 
He. just. wanted. that. candy!!!

Still, I do NOT want to risk a repeat on our new LEATHER sofa.  I don't think I could convince Techno to buy me new furniture every time the dog scratched or ripped the existing stuff.  :-)

Hence, my mission, should I choose to accept it, is........
 to. complete. his. bed. this. weekend.

Techno and the boys are taking the couch and chair away this afternoon.  That means nowhere for the dog to sleep.

It's all part of our master plan. 

Get him USED to sleeping on his new bed ON THE FLOOR so he's accustomed to NOT getting on the couch when the new one arrives.  Shouldn't be too difficult as he wasn't allowed on the furniture BEFORE we moved. The ground is just harder here (no carpet) and he had a big cushy oversized beanbag chair in Ohio -- that did NOT make the move.  Not to mention, mommy CAN be a big softy.)

Sneaky huh?

Not sure it's gonna work, but... worth a shot.  

If that doesn't work, I've threatened to buy a nerf gun whose sole purpose will be to shoot the dog if/when he gets on the new sofa.  LOL!

For the dog's sake, Elijah is hoping plan A works.

In addition to the new furniture, we have decided to get rid of our big entertainment center and build hanging shelves as a replacement.  Gotta love Pinterest for such fun ideas.

(When I say 'get rid of the entertainment center' that is code for 'turn it into a kitchen set for the girls!')
Yes, ANOTHER Pinterest idea.
THAT'S a DIFFERENT weekend project for a DIFFERENT weekend - in the distant future.

Rustic could easily describe this wall unit I'm envisioning as well.  The shelves will have brackets (for stability), but they will also be held up with chains intertwined with - what I'm going to call - 'cattle rope'.  Pretty rustic, huh?

The TV will be mounted on the wall; the DVD player will be in a rustic looking basket; as will the Wii and media receiver;  the remainder of the entertainment paraphilia will be aesthetically placed upon the other shelves along with some 'decorative' pieces.  This will free up a lot of floor space, opening up our living room area.

This is a WONDERFUL thing as our  new furniture is quite a bit bulkier than our current stuff.

Since we're preparing to make all these changes, I've also gotten the itch to do some rustic decorating.  I'm sure that makes Techno just shudder thinking about it. :-)

Speaking of rustic decor, do you have any wonderful ideas to share?  What could I hang on the walls?  What colors should I paint?  I'm leaning toward a sage green.  I have material to make 'rustic/mountain/fishing/bear/elk' throw pillows.  Thinking my theme will follow the pillows.  

Can't wait to share my projects as they progress.  Albeit, they may drag on throughout the year.

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