Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Groggy Morning

Waking around 4am, I just. couldn't. sleep.

Around 4:40 am I tried to sneak out of the room without waking Techno, but it was to no avail.

He graciously rolled over and offered to chat and rub my back - in the hopes I'd get back to sleep.

Since he was going into town today to work from his sister's house, he had to get up early anyway.

(Have I ever mentioned what a great guy he is?  If not, well, he IS!)

Chatting did not result in me falling asleep, but once he got up to shower, my eyelids finally began to droop. By the time he left our bedroom I was mostly asleep.

As he closed the door, his footsteps leading to the kitchen, I heard MORE footsteps.  Hmmmm... the middles were getting up to fold laundry.

Humph.  That will make sleeping a bit more difficult. Yet, my eyelids drifted shut again.

A short time later, my mind was re-awakened by the thumpa, thumpa of the littles feet followed by a bit of giggling.

Grabbing my little pillow, I rolled over and plopped it atop my head, hoping to get a little more sleep.  The sun still wasn't up, it couldn't be THAT late yet.

Gauging by my ever so weird and discombobulated dreams, I did in fact manage to get back to sleep until......

I felt this little 'thump' upon my rump.

Did I imagine it?  I slowly opened my eyes, but didn't move.

The pressure near my backside moved a bit, but felt like it got bigger, stronger.

Hmmmmmm.... that's usually indicative of a little climbing into bed.

I rolled ever so slightly over and pulled the pillow from my head.

Smiling at me was a cute little Charity.

She informed me it was after 7:00 (meaning they were allowed to be rousing about) and then proceeded to tell me, quite concernedly, about a 'red something' next to her chair.

Foggy and a bit disoriented from just waking; realizing I had in fact been asleep and in the midst of a spy like dream; I blinked at her; thought through her monologue; then responded, "Maybe you should go take a look at it and see what it is."

Away she bounded.   Seems she just needed the directive from me to do the obvious.

From my hazy perch in my bed I could hear her announce to her sisters, "It's jelly!"

Glad THAT mystery was solved.

Guess that's my cue to re-enter the 'real world' and pack away my 'detective's badge' or whatever spy like world my dreams had taken me.

Granted my groggy brain and slow moving body might disagree and revolt as the day unfolds.

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