Monday, January 27, 2014

Finished Product

This weekend I endeavored to make Apollos' new dog bed.

It wasn't easy.  It's wasn't the most fun.   But......

I.  DID.  IT!!!

The difficult part was the cutting up of, then sewing together old couch cushions. You know me, Ms. Frugle.  It was only $5 to make this bed by re-using the cushions upon which he already loved to sleep.


However, my fingers were S-O-R-E after hand stitching through the thick upholstery to join them all together.

Here's the final product.
Apollos actually ON his new bed!

Not too shabby.

Could be better.

I didn't spend much time on the 'pillow case' covering.  By that time.... I simply. wanted. this. project. complete!!!

While the project was in progress, Apollos would climb on the cushions and lay down.  Even before they were sewn together, he'd squeeze his 80 lb self onto one little section as the other one would simply slide away.

Once complete...... he slept everywhere EXCEPT on the silly new bed.

He'd lay down on his new bed, only to get up and move to his old bed or the floor.

THIS is what his 'old bed' consisted of; don't you think the new one is SO. MUCH. BETTER?
In the evening, as Techno and I watched a movie, Apollos meandered down the hall.  I assumed he was going to the girls room.  That tends to be where he ends up on cold nights b/c they have a gas stove in their room that runs more than the others at night.

Boy was I wrong.

As I entered our master bedroom, what did I see?  You guessed it.  Apollos sprawled out in OUR bed with his head on MY pillow!!  (I wish I had gotten a picture, but in my flabergasted, semi-shocked state, the thought didn't even enter my mind.)

He wasn't too inclined to get off either.  Despite KNOWING this was NOT an acceptable sleeping local.

He's still not convinced his new bed is better or even 'as good as' the couch was, but at least he's sleeping on it for longer periods of time.

Here's hoping it becomes his 'predominate' choice for a sleeping spot soon.

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