Saturday, January 18, 2014

Soup's On

I did it.

I made soup from that spaghetti squash.

I found a recipe on Pinterest that I adapted quite a bit.

It was straight forward, I liked the ingredients listed, and it allowed me to utilize the leftover sweet potatoes I had made for lunch the other day.

Here's what it entailed:

2.5 large sweet potatoes - cooked
2 fairly large spaghetti squash (one was REALLY big, the other moderately big)
       (I decided big was good since we ARE a family of 8)
64 oz of chicken broth
15 oz evaporated milk
1 C or so of water (just to aid in pureeing)
salt and pepper to taste
2 tsp (or so) cinnamon
2 tsp (or so) ground nutmeg
1 Tbs (or so) ground ginger

Slice spaghetti squash in half and spoon out seeds and goop.
****Warning -- spaghetti squash are difficult to cut.  Quite the pickle really.
Place in baking dish with olive oil, flesh or cut side down (I covered bottom of baking dish w/olive oil) and bake at 350 degrees for 45 min to an hour.  (Until squash is tender).
Bake sweet potatoes till soft as well.  (could peel and cut up in chunks to bake in dish or bake whole and peel when cooled -- whatever your preference.  I had some precooked from another meal, so I just peeled them.)
Remove from oven when done - add generous amount of butter to both.
Once cooled a little, remove skin from sweet potatoes and put half in blender.
Scrape spaghetti squash from skin and put half in blender.   (I had to do 3-4 batches since I made so much)
Add some of evaporated milk and chicken broth to blender.  Blend till smooth.
Add to cooking pot.
Continue till all squash and sweet potatoes are blended.
Add remainder of chicken broth to pot.
Stir in spices.  Heat through and let simmer as long as you want.
Serve with homemade bread.

This was tasty.

Resembled the flavor of a pumpkin type soup with a bit more of a sweet n'savory flare rather than a  hearty n' savory note.

The original recipe had much less liquid and added American cheese while cooking.   I used almost triple the liquid (broth, evaporated milk, and water) and omitted the cheese all together.  I also substituted evaporated milk instead of half-n-half - which I didn't have on hand.

Techno's reaction was quite positive.  I quote, "This is the best preparation of spaghetti squash I've ever eaten."

Not sure that's saying much as he absolutely detests spaghetti squash made in it's 'typical' fashion, but.. still he liked it, ate it, and would eat it again.

I call that a win.

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