Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Day Bowling

As New Year's Eve approached, we had planned to simply hunker down and stay home.

The weather outside was frightful; the propane stoves were so delightful; sta-ay home, sta-ay home, sta-ay home!

That was going to be our mantra for the day!

So we thought.

The day before New Year's Eve, I received a text from a friend asking if we wanted to get together to do something the next day.


We were looking forward to our quiet, homebody day; yet we really enjoy hanging out with this family.  Plus I was the one who had originally suggested we try to get together before school started back up.

After checking with Techno-genius, I typed back, "Sure, what do you want to do?"

Initially swimming or ice skating were recommended.

Swimming?  On such a cold day?  Even thought it's indoors - it didn't sound appealing -- AT ALL!

Ice skating. That could be fun. Then I recalled.  I. Don't. Ice. Skate!  Neither does Techno.  That would leave our 3 little unattended out on a frozen block of ice almost the size of a basketball court.  OR it would require our 3 bigs to be attached to them the whole time.  Not exactly fair or their idea of a 'fun time'!  Not to mention, none of them are exactly 'pros' on ice skates.

Maybe not.

Finally -- bowling was suggested.

That sounded good.  All could take part.  No scary frozen tundras to traverse.  No wet swimsuits to deal with.


Here's our bowling adventure!  In pictures!  (Minus the adults who mostly requested their photos NOT be taken.)

Jacob trying to pick up a spare.  He had a good couple of games.

Charity!  Excited when her ball made contact with the pins.

Bethany - look at that form.  She was by far more competitive than I would have imagined.

Working together to get Selah's ball down the alley.

Watching, waiting!
Not sure where the hand on the hip came from.
Demonstration of a bit of her 'tude' she sometimes displays?

Lots of giggling, watching, and waiting occurred.

Elijah attempting a spare.

WOW!  What a 'split' Trinity had to try to 'pick up'.  No she didn't get them all.

Fun with friends.  Gotta love more big kids to pamper you!

Sitting on daddy's lap is fun no matter where you are.

All the kids at the completion of our games!  Nice so see so many smiles.

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