Thursday, January 16, 2014

Proud Mama

Yesterday we spent the day at the University of Wyoming.

When I said 'the day', I meant it quite literally.  The. Whole. Day!

We arrived at 8:45am for Jacob's meeting with the university's admissions office.  Here we heard all about finances for college, dorm options, costs associated with attending, scholarship opportunities, etc. etc. etc.  Plus many of our questions were also answered.

Next, at 10:00 am, we ventured to the Student Union for a 'tour' of campus. We've done this before, but this time the focus was on the portion of campus Jacob would likely be frequenting as a student in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

A quick trip to the dorms to 'view' a sample room then lunch at 11:00 am in the dining hall.

An interesting experience to say the least.  College dining halls have come a long way since my days at Miami University.  Tons of options.  They even had Mongolian BBQ.  Whoa!

After finishing lunch we headed to meet with the Chemical Engineering department at noon.

We thought we were going to see his 'advisor', but instead we had a nice sit down with a senior female chemical engineering student. This was educational, but she didn't have ALL the answers to our questions. Fortunately a faculty member just happened to be in the room we met so she filled in some of the gaps. Nice.

Next stop was the chemistry department at 1:00 pm.  We still did not get an advisor, but at least this time we had a paid faculty member running the show. She was tremendously helpful.  From our meeting with her we determined that Jacob will enroll as a Chemical Engineer major with a concurrent Chemistry major. Allows him to complete 2 degrees without all the 'extra classes' required for a Chemistry degree that ARE NOT actually Chemistry related.  You know, classes like foreign language and fine arts. Those sorts of classes that would add up to an additional 12-15 more credit hours - expanding his schooling for at least another year.  Yeah!

At this particular portion of our day we also learned of a Chemistry scholarship for which he could apply as an incoming freshman.  A $6000 scholarship.  Not Too Shabby!  We also found out through the office in the Chemistry dept. that they have received NO applications for said scholarship to date.    NONE. ZIP.  ZERO!  Odd, since the deadline is FRIDAY!!!  This Friday.

I'd guess no competition for such a scholarship would make winning it a bit easier.  Ya think?

Finally, we made our way back to Chemical Engineering around 2:15 to get a form signed designating that Jacob was adding a Chemistry concurrent major with his Chemical Engineering.

At this point in the game, we discovered all we REALLY had to do was go to admissions to have them ADD it to his 'application'.  Humph.

It was worth it, however, as it was at this meeting that we received the distinct impression that he was strongly 'in the running' for the Trustee's Scholarship -- a full ride (tution/room and board) for 4 years scholarship.  Her comment of "Unfortunately you will not be eligible for any additional scholarships with the Trustee's.  Obviously you are in the running for that," left a VERY positive spin to the whole thing.

Our last stop for the day was back at Admissions, our starting point, at around 2:45.  Asking them to add Chemistry to his application so he'd be eligible for the Chemistry Scholarship was our main objective.  Only chemistry majors are considered for a chemistry department scholarship - imagine that.  When he applied he wasn't sure which avenue he was going to go and just picked one.  He then discovered he could choose.... BOTH!  So he has.

Once home, at around 3:30, Jacob checked his e-mail.

The craziest, yet most amazing message awaited him.  The head of the Chemistry Department - who happens to be one of our distant neighbors - had sent him a message stating, "I heard you were visiting campus today. So sorry I missed you.  I have some non-discretionary funds to award and would like to offer you a summer internship.  I'm very interested in doing research with you.  Are you interested?"


After a quick couple e-mails back and forth, it appears as though Jacob will be doing a summer fellowship, being awarded around $3000, doing research with the head of the Chemistry department, with the possibility of having his name included on any papers that get published as a result of said research.  WOW!!!  WOW!!!! and WOW!!!!!

We couldn't be any prouder of him.  His hard work and diligence have paid off.  He's worked hard all through his academic career to get to this point.

God works in mysterious ways. When you remain open to His leading - which Jacob has always appeared to do - He will guide and provide for you.


  1. Wow, Liz, I remember Jacob sitting in the Children's Library during our MOPS meetings... he was already in independent study! I am one of four children, and the other three went to University of Wyoming, which is pretty amazing since we were from Baltimore MD. But my oldest sister went there for a summer Girl Scout Honor Camp and fell in love with the place, and then the rest of them just followed her. I went to Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA which is a Presbyterian school, and that gave me a connection to Northminster because Bobbi Hosmer grew up in New Wilmington and Don and Carolyn Lincoln were Westminster grads. Go figure...My brother's youngest daughter Kate Lynn Lynch is in her senior year, doing student teaching in Denver, from UW. My oldest sister Laurie Crouse still lives in Laramie. Best wishes, I know you will have a good educational experience there. Hugs, Chris

    1. Wow, Chris. I had no idea you had family that went to UW. Doug's parent's both graduated from UW, his grandfather was Dean of Psychology, his other grandfather worked there for a short time before his death. So, we too have a pretty long history there. If you ever visit family out west, let us know. Would love to see you and catch up.


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